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Until February 28th, 2024, you can take the Wholistic Biblical Wellness Coach Certification Course at the introductory rate of $650.00. You can make three payments of $217. If you pay the entire amount up front, there is a 10% discount which saves you $65. Even if you used a credit card to pay for the course up front and made three payments to your credit card, you would not pay $65 in interest. After January 31, 2024, the price will increase. You can visit our home or testimonies pages to hear student testimonies.

Courses are constantly be developed.
You can enroll in current courses today by contacting Pastor Shelem Flemons at 706-897-8537. You can call or text!


Wholistic Biblical Wellness Coach Certification Course

To Enroll, call or text Pastor Shelem Flemons at 706-897-8537

This is the first tier of our TORSOE TRIO higher education courses.  Learn how to use the  Wholistic Biblical Wellness system of healing to coach clients remotely or in person to recover their health. This course includes one  “Educator” module plus instruction in wellness coaching.