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Times of Refreshing Simplicity of Eden Ministry

Education | Restoration | Conservation


Your Very Own Wholistic Biblical Wellness And Education Community
Empowering You To Learn And Be Certified
In A Fraction Of The Time
For A Fraction Of The Cost!

Pastor Shelem and Sister Maria Flemons

At TORSOE Ministry, we strive to honor God by exalting Wholistic Biblical Wellness as His most preeminent system of healing!    As we educate and equip an army of missionaries using our 12 foundations which include our TORSOE TOP 10 course groups, students obtain Wholistic Biblical Wellness certifications in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost!    

At TORSOE, we  offer true education par excellence; a nurturing, supportive community; essential, sustainable living skills; fulfilled lives in Christ with happy homes; and essential knowledge of the Bible.   TORSOE Biblical Wellness Institute is accredited by I.A.M.H.E. (The International Association of Media, Health, and Evangelism).

Enjoy Our 10 Point Outreach!

Certification Courses in
Wholistic Biblical Wellness

Affordable, online certification courses in Wholistic Biblical Wellness from entry level to doctor level certifications with specialties.*

A Supportive Community
of Like-Minded Believers

An online, Wholistic Biblical Wellness community of like-minded believers supporting, praying for, and sharing with one another.

A Mobile App
And A Phone Friendly Platform

Mobile phone friendly access to courses and the community through our mobile app for iOS and Android as well as our phone friendly platform.

12 Day Wellness Retreats
For Health Restoration

A 12-day wellness retreat in the Allegheny mountains with 10 full days for health education and the restoration of body, mind, and>

Wellness Coaching

Remote wellness coaching to achieve health restoration at home. Includes a written program, healing herbs, and unlimited coaching. **

A Wholistic Biblical Wellness
Online Store

Enjoy alcohol-free herbal extracts, herbal tonic powders, engaging textbooks, and other health and true education products and services in our store.


Biblical, pastoral counseling for those in need of peace of mind, direction in life, victory over sin, and marital bliss.

Wholistic Biblical Wellness
Livestream and Blog

Showcasing the LIVE FREE life-style, thie podcast is live-streamed and archived using Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and our blog.


We offer sermons, health lectures, practical demonstrations and cooking classes. Some presentations are live. Others can be virtual.

Daily Worship and Wellness Plus Sabbath Worship
Livestreams and Blogs

Daily, Worship and Wellness plus church service livestreams
using Zoom and Youtube.


Introducing TORSOE FLOW, our fascinating, flexible, five-star, online and textbook learning system. TORSOE FLOW  incorporates full color flowcharts, animated flash cards, engaging videos, captivating lectures, dynamic animations, delightful demonstrations, and interactive quizzes. Our rich, radiant textbooks are so well written that the story paints the picture. They are so well illustrated that the pictures tell the story. All TORSOE FLOW courses are mobile-phone friendly by design, allowing you to always stay in the know with TORSOE FLOW!

TORSOE FLOW is simply thorough and thoroughly simple! You will learn in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost!


TORSOE Biblical Wellness Institute

Community and Mobile App

The Wholistic Biblical Wellness Online Community with Facebook-like features plus a Mobile App for iPhone and Android.

"Advocate" Certification

Course group with animated flash cards. Each course offers the essential understanding of a single disease for those on the go!

"Guide" Certification

Course group with video demonstrations and illustrations. Includes the TORSOE GO course for the same disease. Great for more visual learning!

"Specialist" Certification

Course group for those who want to specialize in a particular disease. Includes the TORSOE SHOW course for the same disease.

"Educator" Certification

Course group that teaches 24 -36 diseases
in a single module. There will be at least 3 modules.
Teaches disease, its causes, prevention and cure!

"Coach" Certification

First of three levels in our higher education tiers.
Includes one TORSOE GROW module with "Educator" Certification.
Teaches in-person and remote coaching!

"Practitioner" Certification

Second of three levels in our higher education tiers.
Includes two TORSOE GROW modules with "Educator" and "Coaching" certifications.
Everything you need to open an in-home wellness retreat and / or directly minister to people in their home. Includes Biblical Wellness Assessment.

"Doctor" Certification

Third of three levels in our higher education tiers.
Includes three TORSOE GROW modules with "Practitioner," "Coaching," and "Educator" certifications .
Take charge of a case with the humble confidence that you can manage more difficult cases and build upon your practitioner training.

"Life-style Mental Health Coach" Certification

Courses on mental health and a happy home.
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
God offers a rainbow of hope!

"Sustainability Assistant" Certification

OUT of the city!
GROW your own food!
Sustainable living, management skills and a well-ordered life.

"Bible Instructor" Certifications

Important courses that teach truth from the Bible.
Emphasis is on end time events
as taught in the books of Daniel and Revelation!

TORSOE "Life-time" Certification

A life-time membership for those who have
made possible this education opportunity
for others through sacrifice and / or continual support!

The TORSOE Biblical Wellness Institute rests upon Twelve Foundations, (Revelation 21:14).

The first foundation, called TORSOE AMIGO, is our Wholistic Biblical Wellness community of students, teachers, and advocates of Wholistic Biblical Wellness from all walks of life. There are four ways to join the community and the community has many benefits.  Click our COMMUNITY Menu to register. For members who choose to use them, we offer Facebook-like features which allow community members to post content and updates, follow other members, join forums, and communicate with each other for the purpose of furthering the mission of ministering as Christ did through Wholistic Biblical Wellness.

TORSOE AMIGO unites like-minded believers in God’s preeminent system of medical missionary service and encourages us to help one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, support one another, and learn from each another.  All active students are members automatically for a period of time.

The goal of TORSOE AMIGO is to form a united community of medical missionaries in order to collectively finish the work of preparing a people to meet Jesus in peace at His second coming!

Download our TORSOE AMIGO mobile app to stay connected and download courses to view them offline!  Our entire website along with all courses are phone friendly by design even without the mobile app.  The TORSOE AMIGO mobile app adds additional convenience to your educational experience. 

The next ten foundations are our TORSOE TOP 10 course groups which are explained in the TORSOE TOP 10 section below.  All of our TORSOE TOP 10 course groups use our unique TORSOE FLOW learning system.

Our TORSOE TOP 10 course groups provide true education par excellence!  

“TORSOE SEVENANDO” is the name of  the  first seven course groups  of the TORSOE TOP 10.

“TORSOE TRIDYNAMO” is the name of the last three TOP 10 course groups.

“Sevenando” means “The Joy of Service.”  Our first seven TOP 10 course groups teach disease, its causes, prevention, and cure,* with certifications, continuing education, and a supportive community.  TORSOE Sevenando  allows us to “joyfully serve” our fellowman as gospel, medical missionaries.

“Tridynamo” completes our TOP 10 course groups by providing the three dynomite components of power, peace of mind, and preparation to those who serve.

 TORSOE TRIDYNAMO provides training in mental health, sustainable living skills, and essential Bible knowledge for successful medical missionary service.

The twelfth and final foundation is called TORSOE IN TOTO.  This is a special, lifetime membership that allows a person to take any course that the  TORSOE Wellness Institute developed free of charge for a lifetime.





Wholistic Biblical Wellness "ADVOCATE" Certification

Introducing TORSOE GO, our “on the go” course group that is constantly updated with new diseases, their causes, prevention, and cure.* TORSOE GO uses bite-size, virtual, flash cards to highlight what you need to know on the go. TORSOE GO flash cards are narrated, and animated. Enjoy the flash cards with or without sound. If you need help quickly for yourself or for someone else and don’t have a lot of time to  research  or rehearse what you need to know, to do, or to say, you  can stay in the know  with TORSOE GO

Anyone can take a course. The only prerequisite is that you complete our  FREE “Fundamentals of Wholistic Biblical Wellness” course.  One exciting feature is that we rely on our TORSOE AMIGO community for input, recommendations, and feedback  to develop and improve this course. 
When disease reaches a flashpoint, you need to get to the point in flash!  TORSOE GO will meet your needs and help you stay in the know when you are on the GO!


Wholistic Biblical Wellness "GUIDE" Certification

Includes "TORSOE GO" for the same disease.

Introducing TORSOE SHOW, our “show me” course group for the visual learner that includes video animations; practical demonstrations; narrated illustrations; and graphical presentations of disease, its causes, prevention and cure.* TORSOE will SHOW you the remedies, recipes, and positive results.
Our TORSOE SHOW series of courses is continually updated with new diseases and other visual content and is particularly helpful for people who are visual learners when it comes to techniques. 

Most TORSOE SHOW courses mirror the courses in TORSOE GO, but illustrate the recovery steps in a more graphical way. Other TORSOE SHOW courses are stand alone courses that are designed to teach specific Wholistic Biblical Wellness skills such as food preparation, as well as hydrotherapy. If you or someone you love is in misery, think of Missouri. It’s the“SHOW ME” state. 

Anyone can take a TORSOE SHOW course. The only prerequisites are that you complete our FREE Fundamentals of Biblical Wellnesscourse. TORSOE GO for the same disease is included.


Wholistic Biblical Wellness "SPECIALIST" Certification

Includes TORSOE GO & SHOW for the same disease.

Introducing TORSOE GLOW, our SPECIALIST group of certification courses. “Let your light so shine” as you specialize in a particular disease with TORSOE GLOW! Each TORSOE GLOW course teaches detailed information of each disease so the graduate has a more thorough knowledge of the disease, its causes, prevention and cure.  We will be constantly adding new courses to the TORSOE GLOW course group, and you can have as many specialty certifications as you desire. 

Anyone can take a TORSOE GLOW course. The only prerequisites are that you complete our FREE Fundamentals of Biblical Wellness” course. Each TORSOE GLOW course includes TORSOE SHOW and GO for the same disease. With TORSOE GLOW, we assume you know nothing, but want to know everything! 


Wholistic Biblical Wellness "EDUCATOR" Certification

Introducing TORSOE GROW, our 24 – 36 multiple disease modules that use TORSOE FLOW CHARTS, practical video demonstrations and video lectures to teach disease, its causes, prevention, and cure.   These modules allow the student to receive alot of information about several diseases in a short period of time.  For those who want to educate others quickly, these modules are indispensable. The TORSOE GROW multiple disease modules make the most extensive use of TORSOE FLOW CHARTS in their textbooks.  To receive certifications in higher tiers of learning, one or more modules must be completed along with other  course material.  However, anyone can take an educator module course even if they do not desire to take a higher tier learning course.  
The only prerequisite is that you complete our FREE “Fundamentals of Biblical Wellness” course. As we add module after module after module, you will GROW and GROW and GROW!


Wholistic Biblical Wellness "COACH" Certification

Includes One "Educator" Module

Introducing TORSOE TRIO – LEVEL 1,  the first of our three-tier, higher education courses. Learn how to use the  Wholistic Biblical Wellness system of healing to coach clients remotely or in person to recover their health. One “Educator” module is required as part of the wellness coach curriculum. Emphasis is placed upon the coaching aspect of ministry.   The FREE “Fundamentals of Biblical Wellness” course is a required prerequisite. A Wholistic Biblical Wellness Coach should consider taking a few of the TORSOE GLOW specialty courses upon completion for continuing education and to specialize.


Wholistic Biblical Wellness "PRACTITIONER" Certification

Includes "Coaching" Certification and 2 "Educator" Modules

Introducing TORSOE TRIO – LEVEL 2,  the second of our three-tier higher education courses.  Learn how to use the  Wholistic Biblical Wellness system of healing to help people recover their health in a wellness retreat or in the comforts of their home.   With the practitioner certification, emphasis is placed upon the day to day recovery of those suffering from   conditions as well as a greater understanding of  physiology and natural remedies.     Two “Educator” modules are required as part of the wellness coach curriculum. Our FREE “Fundamentals of Biblical Wellness” course is a required prerequisite.  A Wholistic Biblical Wellness Practitioner should consider taking several of the TORSOE GLOW specialty courses upon completion for continuing education and to specialize.

#7 TORSOE TRIO - Level 3

"DOCTOR" of Wholistic Biblical Wellness Certifications

Includes "Practitioner" Certification and 3 "Educator" Modules

Introducing TORSOE TRIO – LEVEL 3,  the third and highest of our three-tier higher education courses.  Learn how to use the  Wholistic Biblical Wellness system of healing to help people recover their health even when their cases are complicated, they have several conditions, and / or they are heavily medicated.   This certification prepares the student to be well rounded and proficient in all areas of care for the sick.  This certification includes our highest level of education in Wholistic Biblical Wellness assessment, natural remedies, and the cause, prevention and cure of disease.  Three “educator” modules are required as part of the doctor level certifications. Our FREE “Fundamentals of Biblical Wellness” course is a required prerequisite.   A Doctor of Wholistic Biblical Wellness should consider taking several of the TORSOE GLOW specialty courses upon completion as continued education and to specialize.



"Life-style Mental Health Coach" Certification"

Introducing TORSOE RAINBOW, our series of courses that help you offer a rainbow of hope to those with mental health challenges.  When the enemy comes in with a  flood of depression, anxiety, failing marriages, and other negative feelings and circumstances, TORSOE RAINBOW will prepare you to help others be victorious!   Many things in life can be overwhelming.  Many struggle to keep their head above water when their homes and lives are “messy.”  Others struggle to  stay focused and feel that they have no clear direction in life.  Whatever the cause of the discouragement, TORSOE RAINBOW courses will equip you to help others keep their head above water and their eyes in the skies. These courses are in the mental health department of the TORSOE Biblical Wellness Institute and teach our students how to help others with mental health challenges.


"Sustainability Advocate" Certification

Introducing TORSOE OUTGROW, featuring our OUT of the city, GROW your own food course. This series focuses on the life skills of sustainable living as well as having an organized, balanced, home-life.  It includes subjects such as country living, successful gardening, canning, solar living, tiny houses, getting organized and working together as an outpost community.


"Bible Instructor" Certifications

Introducing TORSOE, “YE SHALL KNOW,” our Bible Study series of courses that teach essential Bible knowledge of the Old and New Testament. From the patriarchs, prophets, and kings of the Old Testament; to the life of Christ, the acts of the Apostles, and the final end of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan as portrayed in the books of Daniel and Revelation, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!” Want to know what roles Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam and the United States will play in end time events? What good is it to have a ton of health knowledge and still be destroyed? God lovingly said,“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” With TORSOE, Ye Shall Know the truth and the truth shall make you free!  John 8:32; Hosea 4:6.

Take Our FREE "Foundational Principles of  
Wholistic Biblical Wellness " Course Today.

Watch Our Sample Video of Practical Demonstrations by Sister Maria Flemons

What Our Students Are Saying

This TORSOE Ministry Wholistic Biblical Wellness Course represents a quantum leap into the 21st century for medical missionary training. The combination of an exceptional knowledge base, research, textbook graphic illustrations, online lectures, and the simplicity of presentation is identifiably Divinely Inspired.

Serving as a Certified Medical Missionary, Biblical Lifestyle Mental Health Consultant, natural and mental health professional, I decided to enroll in this series as a refresher course. However, gaining so much more than anticipated, my full endorsement is warranted.

This course offers a thorough exploration of disease, its cause, prevention, and cure, providing an intimate examination of the 12 body systems. It further reveals the sacred relationship of the body systems' connection to the plan of salvation based on the Biblical laws of health. The TORSOE FLOW enhances and brings clarity to the understanding of any health profession.

Having known Pastor Shelem and Marie Flemons for some years, recognizing their love for God, His people, and His work, this Wholistic Wellness course is demonstrative of their dedication and Holy Spirit discipleship. I recommend this course to all!
Katheryn, CMM, HLC, LCSW, N.D., D.Div-Health
This course has taught me so much about the human body. The textbook was so in depth. The instructors were very thorough and there was no room for boredom. I enjoyed the course and feel confident as a medical missionary after taking this amazing course.
The TORSOE FLOW is pure inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The course has been so informative and helpful in helping myself and others with  diseases and conditions. So easy to comprehend, a child could understand the flow.
Thus far my experience at TORSOE Wellness Institute has widened my range of knowledge concerning the important differences between allopathic & alternative medicine vs. Bible health & wellness. It is my belief that all things in life (health included) be viewed through a Biblical lens to reveal the whole truth of the matter. TORSOE Wellness Institute has reinforced that all things work together for God's glory. Special thanks to Pastor Shelem Flemons and his wife Maria.
This course puts forth a Biblical perspective of health and wellness. By the use of flowcharts, the TORSOE textbook addresses human body systems, the states of disease, then points to God's natural methods of healing through the eight laws of health. In addition, the practicals go hand-in-hand, demonstrating how we can use simple foods, herbs, and even water to heal and bring the body back to health, while treating people in our homes. It's profound!
WOW!!! Is the only way to attempt to describe my experience with "The TORSOE Flow".

I've long held to my conviction of healthful living, but seeing how God has and is so clearly revealing how to care for His temple even after sin, it's unexplainable.

As The Word says "By Their Fruit Shall You Know Them." I've already experienced and foresee much, much more as I share "The Gift of Life!!!"

Thank You TORSOE!

Elder Mahoney
This class has been amazing! I've always wanted to assist the sick and share the health message with others, but I've always felt as if I didn't know enough or wasn't knowledgeable enough.This class has made all the difference.. I've been able to share with others.. Assist the sick. I shared a remedy to assist with a common cold.. I could hear the hesitation in her voice. "Something so simple?" "Yes try it!" She did, called back a few days later with a Praise report.."It worked!!!. it worked!!!". I shared that there is no power in the remedy. Jesus is The Healer! believe! I'm so thankful for your ministry may God continue to bless you both.
This course has been great! The information is easy to understand and simple to apply. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how our bodies work, and how we can assist in their healing.

The course is very educational and easy enough for a layman to understand. The textbook is straightforward, and the instructors are willing to assist in helping you achieve success. I would highly recommend this course.

God has been leading me through His word and through experience. After 50 years in nursing and 10 years of retirement, I have been called by God to participate in wholistic wellness. I am learning to LIVE FREE and God is expanding my territory. I am amazed at how God has opened my eyes of understanding and I am excited to come out of retirement to serve Him. This course has changed my life, to God be the glory.
The textbook is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. Soooo much effort, wisdom, and knowledge went into the compliation of this fabulous body of work. Thank you TORSOE ministry for your dedication to the children of God. It is a source of information and sharing in a very simple way. May the Lord of heaven continue to bless you abundantly.

With the help of God and TORSOE, I have made a 180 in my lifestyle! They saved my mother’s life when she was diagnosed with blood clots. From this wonderful course, their wellness retreat, and wellness coaching, you WILL be blessed! Guaranteed!!!
This health and wellness class has been a blessing to me. I am learning so much. Lots of knowledge to gain here. Looking to share what I am learning with others.🤗

I am very pleased with the wellness course. It is streamlined to provide a simplified method of learning. The support you receive went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this course.
The education I received being enrolled in the TORSOE FLOW is phenomenal and truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. I am more prepared to help myself and others on the healing journey the way God intended. Thank you, TORSOE FLOW!
I am so appreciative and thankful for all the information and instructors at TORSOE Ministry! The Wholistic Biblical Wellness course has been outstanding and very informative, providing a path for future help in our communities!
I did not get a covid booster or a flu shot this year because I used the information I learned in these classes. I honestly believe this training has saved my life!

What I like most about this course is that the lectures are based on the textbook that I can follow along with in real-time. I also like that these lectures are followed by a full hour of practical demonstrations of natural remedies. Although these demonstrations are previously recorded clips, they are very informative and enjoyable to watch. The Q&A at the end brings the class to an excellent conclusion!
All twelve systems of the body were covered, wow!  The "T.O.R.S.O.E. Flow" textbook helped simplify broad medical terms. Being a part of the T.O.R.S.O.E. community helped me learn how to become an effective Wellness Coach.  I wanted a wholistic training program--I was not disappointed.

F. Lynn
Despite having studied human biology at school, I was almost ignorant of how the body reacts to foreign invaders that cause diseases. This course was in depth and yet simple to understand. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone interested in Wholistic Biblical Wellness to enroll. Thanks to the facilitators.

This course has been truly a phenomenal wealth of knowledge given by God.This is definitely a school of the prophets for medical missionaries. I've learned a lot in a short time. The flow charts make it very easy to understand. This course will enable me to make an impact in someone's life.Thanks for making me apart of the TORSOE community.
For many years I've been searching for training to further my knowledge in the Medical Missionary field. When this course was presented to me, I could clearly see God working and my search was over. This course was very well put together and easy to access. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. The practicals are just amazing! These classes have proven to help me be a better Medical Missionary. I will refer this course over and over again!
This TORSOE Wellness Institute course has been very informative. It was presented in an organized flowchart format that is so easy to follow.  Each disease, instead of showing that the body is falling apart, it shows how it’s working overtime to correct  the the situation and  it gives the LIVE FREE life style choices necessary to help.  This course I would recommend to anyone that is seeking true health.

This course has been a blessing to our new health ministry we a starting up, Fairhaven Outpost. Not only have we learned about common diseases, but we have learned how to treat them as well while giving God the glory. This course is guided by the Holy Spirit. It is easy to understand and practical to use in day to day life. I am blessed by this opportunity.

My experience taking this course has exceeded my expectations. The TORSOE FLOW learning system makes the class not only informative, but also easy, fun, and engaging; and all from the comfort of your home. The Flemons (Instructors) are knowledgeable and patient; and they truly want us to succeed in becoming the best possible Medical Missionaries we can be! It has truly been a blessing, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity.
God has truly blessed me through TORSOE Ministry! The wholistic certification course has been empowering in learning God’s practical principles for healing through His bountiful creation. Theoretical and demonstrative approaches marry well in applied learning of their virtual classroom!
I'm really glad I took this course. The way it has been simplified makes it easy to learn and works well with our busy lives. I love the book and QR codes for videos and such. I've been able to use some of the things I have learned both on myself and on others successfully. It's been such a blessing.

This course has definitely been nothing short of an absolute blessing. Not only is it economically feasible but the content has helped me turn my life around from a biblical standpoint. I am looking forward to sharing with others.

The TORSOE FLOW class is truly a blessing especially for the times in which we live. More is learned in a shorter time frame compared to other medical classes I have taken while focusing on biblical based concepts. To God be the Glory!
Donna, LMT-WHP
This certification course is so much more than what I expected upon enrollment. I‘ve learned so much in this brief period about diseases and how God’s plan for us to be prosperous in health trumps anything I’ve experienced from conventional treatments. Many thanks to Pastor and Mrs. Flemons for assisting me and others in our journey.

I have known Pastor Shelem for several years; and have always found he and his lovely wife Maria to be a godly couple who have reached out to us to provide God’s medicine to bring about a healing balm. When the medical missionary course was brought to my attention, I was impressed to do the best to enroll. I have had their patient encouragement and concern to see me thru to to the end. I am glad to for this opportunity.
The education I have been receiving in the class has refreshed what I have learned in my youth and has a led me to apply some of these remedies to my own daily routine for myself and family. It is truly a blessing to be in this class. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me and my family.
This course is a true blessing! It has provided very valuable health and diseases information. Material presented is very pertinent to current time and easy to understand and apply.

Congo - USA
I really enjoy taking the TORSOE Wellness classes, with Pastor Flemons and his wife. His class is very informative, well thought out and a testimony of the Holy Spirit’s leading of his thorough study of the scriptures. Not only does he show us that the Bible supports health and how to find those Scriptures that support health, but also how the Bible shows the flow of the bodily functions in the scriptures. Sister Flemons’ hands on demonstrations are simple and easy to follow.

Taking TORSOE Flow course is a delight. Fun to learn for they make it so basic, therefore easy to follow & facts stay better in the mind. Most of all, makes me appreciate that we are truly fearfully & wonderfully made by our Creator God as we go through the different systems of the body. Knowing that there are natural remedies that God has set up for us to practice to bring about healing creates peace in my heart. Teachers such as that of Pastor Shelem & Maria Flemons who are always available for extra help are a blessing beyond words!
I am really enjoying the class. Learning so much about how the human body functions especially at the cellular level. Learning the cause of disease enables a person to turn it around and allow the body to heal. Many methods of treatment are included. Very helpful for everyday life. Thankful for the opportunity to take this class.
The Wholistic Wellness course is awesome. It is so informative. The way the text is formatted makes it easy to learn/retain the information and be able to quickly reference to get the info you need to help someone. It is by far the best wellness course I have taken.

The Wholistic Wellness Coach Certification Course has truly been a blessing in my life.  I have never been one to take medication so you can just imagine how excited I was to be a part of a course that was designed by our Creator and Father.  This course is very easy to follow and the concepts of healthy living and natural remedies for healing are so easy to understand.  The instructors are phenomenal to say the least!  Thank You Pastor and Maria Flemons.
This TORSOE FLOW course has been such a blessing. I am a Teacher by trade and I have NEVER attended a class that I have Totally enjoyed, looked forward to attending, and benefited Greatly from. Brother/Pastor/Dr. Shelem knows more than Any Doctor I’ve Ever sat under!!! He speaks with such enthusiasm and knowledge, that captivates and keeps your attention-Praise The Lord!

I want to thank God for the vision that He has given Pastor Shelem & Sis. Maria in training medical missionaries through their wholistic wellness class. Since starting this journey, I have learned that everything we need to heal is on earth. It has allowed me to agree to disagree on modern medicine vs. natural herbs. This is very informative & excited to continue to learn more on natural healing.
Where do I begin? The TORSOE FLOW makes learning an enjoyable experience. The textbook is so beautiful! It is so simple and easy to read and follow. I really loved the demonstrations and teaching by Sister Maria Flemons. The time that the teachers spent answering our questions during Q and A was amazing. This course was worth much more than it cost!
I have throughly enjoyed the training and would recommend this class to interested individuals who would to like to be prepared to help others with their spiritual and preventative personal health needs!!
This class has been a tremendous blessing for me and my family!
I am more motivated to continue growing in knowledge of health, helping others to grow free of disease.
I recently completed the Wholistic Wellness Certification Course through The Torsoe Wellness Institute. This biblically based course delivered information on the 12 systems of the body illuminated by God’s word. This course helped me find the missing step in my personal process to walk in good health. The information I learned helped me understand physical processes. 3 John 1:2 AMP says: Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually]. I thank God for Pastor Flemons and Maria’s ministry through the Torsoe Wellness Institute.
I was drawn to take the Torsoe Flow Wellness coaching course first as a refresher. I also saw that the cost and course-length were reasonable. I was equally thrilled to receive the textbook and loved the fact that the print was large, the layout was easy to follow and best of all, God's 8 health principles were foundational in overcoming illness and retaining good health. I love God's simple methods - don't you? As health leader for my church, it is my plan to use the information gained to educate not only our members but also our community.

I'm a pastor and a nutritionist, and in just my first two lessons in this course, I could tell how broad and comprehensive it was. I wholeheartedly thank God for His goodness in sending this great material through Pr. Shelem and Sister Maria Flemons, to help in preparing a people for the end-times. Our merciful God has said that: "I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work.....You will never be ministers after the gospel order till you show a decided interest in medical missionary work, the gospel of healing and blessing and strengthening." CH 533.1. Thank God! Thanks, Pr. and Sister Flemons! God bless you and your ministry!
Pr. Ismael
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*Our use of the word “cure” is not a claim that we can cure any disease.  We cannot.  God is the only One who can cure a disease.  In the Bible, He has declared that he will use humble and despised individuals and natural substances as His primary instruments of healing. He can heal when secondary instrumentalities are at work as well.  He is God and He can do anything but lie and fail!
**Coaching is by phone calls, text messages and email for the conditions that you place on your form when signing up for wellness coaching.
***Our titles are religious in nature and reflect our calling from God who has commanded us to heal in the Bible.  Our titles are not secular in nature; nor do they reflect any approval from state, federal. or international agencies.