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Wellness Coaching

Pastor Shelem Flemons is a doctor of biblical wellness, and the Flemons are biblical wellness life coachings.   Wellness coaching allows us to help you restore your health at home.  Wellness coaching includes an initial telephone or in person consultation; detailed, written instructions to follow; all of the herbs you need for approximately 60 days; and 60 days of coaching via phone, text, email and video conferencing where applicable. We will be your guides on this journey of health and will answer all your questions, help you make adjustments, encourage you and pray with you; and apply the REFRESHING WAY lifestyle to your life and schedule. Our written protocol includes meal plans.

There are four tier levels of wellness coaching.  You can choose the level most appropriate for your wellness needs.

  1. Tier option #1 includes 30 Minutes of telephone consultation:  Donation $50.00.  You can arrange to talk longer or shorter at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes.  At TORSOE, we  initially answer some basic questions free of change and those who support the ministry monthly receive some free consultation time.  Consultation is a special ministry needed when a person needs guidance beyond a quick question answered.  You do NOT need to fill out our coaching application in order to do telephone consultation.

  2. Tier option #2 includes option #1 plus a written program of detailed instructions emailed or mailed to you: Donation $250.00. There are several pages of material and a meal plan is included.  There is aditional time on the phone added as well to make sure that you understand how to implement the instructions.

  3. Tier option #3 includes all of options #1 and #2, plus approximately 2 months of herbs. Donation $ 500.00.  These may be all the herbs you will need to recover.  If you do need additional herbs, you will not need to reorder most of the intial herbs becuase many are for the initial cleansing and detoxification needed ot recover.

  4. Tier option #4 includes all of the options #1, #2, and #3 plus 90 days of additonal telephone coaching as needed. Donation $750.  Additional coaching can be telephone, text messages, email, video conferencing and / or in-person coaching.

In options #2 – #4, you will receive an emailed response in less than one week.

To get started, contact us for phone only consultation.  You can contact us and fill out our coaching application for the other options.  The application can be accessed by clicking the link below or accessing or from the navigation menu at the top or bottom of any page by clicking the  restore / wellness coaching/ coaching application menu item.

If you are scheduling an appointment in person with Pastor Shelem and Maria Flemons, call him at 706-897-8537.  You can also schedule a home visit or visit his home office in Chambersburg, PA.  There may be additional transportation costs depending on your location.

After signing up for wellness coaching, you can call, text or email us with any questions you have. We are often able to answer questions faster via text message.

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You can pay directly on the bottom of the coaching application or you can use a credit or debit card over the phone.  We also accept peer to peer payments on a variety of platforms, so inquire if you are interested.

Coaching Application – Click Here