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TORSOE Wellness Campus

Wellness Campus

If the picture or sound in the video stops progressing, please restart it again from the beginning.  Thanks!


Times of Refreshing Simplicity of Eden (TORSOE) Ministry needs your help in purchasing a 250 acre property in southern Pennsylvania to be used as a sustainable and educational wellness campus. TORSOE reverses most chronic, major diseases at a fraction of the cost of modern medicine using a life-style approach we discovered in the Bible. Prominent features of this life-style include juice fasting and a plant based diet. As hospitals from New York to California are now experimenting with this groundbreaking approach, experience has taught us that it is best implemented in a rural, retreat environment. Our slogan, “Escape To TORSOE, ” offers freedom from the slavery of sickness and the bondage of disease. As the Mason-Dixon line is literally a property border, this oasis in the desert of disease is literally and symbolically the perfect “escape.”

As shown in the video, there are already several established buildings allowing for a turnkey transition with plenty of land and resources for expansion. Our goal would eventually be to run the campus on solar and other renewable resources and be a popular getaway to the general public in need of health recovery, stress relief and a practical demonstration of sustainable living.

The property is currently selling for $2,195,000, but do the CororaVirus, it is a buyer’s market. Because of the specialized nature of the property, it is difficult to obtain traditional financing for the purchase.

We are looking for help in one of two ways.

  1. A donation to our ministry which, having church status, is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. This option is for a donation of at least the full purchase price of the property. Any extra would go to operation and expansion.

  2. A donation for a down-payment / advanced payments for the property. This option would be a donation of least $700,000. The seller is willing to hold the note for seven years if TORSOE can provide a downpayment of $700,000. We are sure we can negotiate to use some of the funds as advanced payments so we can have time to get set up and operational.  We are open to any other options.

We have 25 years of experience in operating wellness retreats for other organizations. We have 20 years of accounting and construction background. We are staffed by medical missionaries knowledgable in lifestyle medicine.

If there are any questions, please contact Shelem and Maria Flemons at 706-897-8537. That is a mobile phone, so texting is an option as well. You can also email us at [email protected] and [email protected].

We need your help! We appreciate your help! As recovery from sickness is one of our greatest needs, your contribution will be saving thousands of lives! As a gesture of sincere appreciation, we would like to dedicate this song or the property to those who make this dream a reality. This song will go viral as will the knowledge of a place of escape just north of the Mason-Dixon line. As the song is currently in production, you can view the full song lyrics here.