Wellness Coaching Via Telephone


Pastor Shelem Flemons is a doctor of biblical wellness.  Maria Flemons is a biblical wellness practitioner.  Together, they are biblical wellness life coaches.   Wellness coaching via telephone  allows us to help you restore your health at home.  Wellness coaching by telephone is a 30 minute to 1 hour phone conversation accessing your history and giving you verbal solutions to help you recover your health.  This is the first tier of wellness coaching.

This tier option #1 includes 30 Minutes  to 1 hour of telephone consultation:  The donation is $50.00.  At TORSOE, we answer basic questions free of change and those who support the ministry monthly receive unlimited free telephone wellness coaching.  For others, wellness coaching  is a special ministry needed when a person needs guidance beyond a quick question answered.  You need to fill out our coaching application in order to do telephone consultation so that we can spend more time making suggestions on our call.