Licorice Root Herbal Extract


Many suffer from hypoglycemia, also referred to as low blood sugar.  This is primarily caused by eating sugar in excess.  When we eat too much sugar, the body dumps large amounts of insulin into our blood to lower the sugar.  This causes the sugar to go too low leading to low blood sugar.  We then eat large amounts of sugar again because we start craving sweets when our sugar is low and the blood sugar roller-coaster cycle continues.  The body uses water to convert stored sugar in the liver as  glycogen, into usable sugar called glucose.  Therefore dehydration and eating sugar and refined carbohydrates like white bread are two bad habits that lead to  low blood sugar.

Another common condition is ulcers.  When we worry and fret, our stomach emptying time slows down while our production of stomach acid increases.  Emptying time is made worse when we eat flesh foods which are hard to digest.  Sugar and refined foods which lead to constipation also leave foods in the stomach longer and increase acid production.  Thus, these bad habits  increase our risk of obtaining an ulcer.  Trusting in God; eating soft, cooked foods; and eating only a plant-based diet will help if we have an ulcer.

Because God is the only healer, this product does not cure, low blood sugar or ulcers. However,  God said that He would use the simple things to confound the wise. Read 1 Cor. 1:26-29.  You should consult a science-based medical missionary or your practitioner if you have hypertension before using licorice.