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Field Schools

Field Schools

TORSOE Biblical Wellness Institute Field School

A 20 hour course offering certification as a wellness coach featuring the quintessential principles of Biblical Wellness.

Course Structure:

This course is designed to quickly teach you the essentials needed to be a medical missionary. You will learn principles, truths, science and remedies that are not taught in years of traditional medical school training.

This course teaches you the true nature of disease, the manifestations of symptoms, the causes of disease which are mainly within the lifestyle, disease prevention, and the best practices of healing the major diseases that people suffer with today.

These diseases have been divided into twelve systems listed later.  While there is much more that could be learned about these diseases, this course focuses on the essentials. In other words, it is not designed to teach you everything you could know. Rather, it is designed to teach you the essential things that you need to know to be an acceptable instrument of blessing in the healing hands of God.

The physiology taught in this course is basic and focuses mainly on that which is essential to understand the diseases in this course. Some of the physiology therefore is pathophysiology which means the use and functions of the body when it is in an abnormal state of disease.

Finally, it is also important to understand the importance of serving on a religious foundation and the many reasons including legal reasons why this is the best platform of missionary service.

The following outline gives the structure of the classes.

I. There is a total of 20 hours of class time.! !

          A. 6 hours on the first Sunday

          B. 2 hours each night Monday – Thursday

          C. 6 hours on the final Sunday

II. There are 12 Systems of the body to cover focusing on the essentials which are the diseases, their causes, prevention and cure.

          A. The course begins with fundamental principles which are covered at the beginning of the course.

          B. The remaining time is devoted to the 12 systems focusing on the major diseases in each system.

          C. As some systems have more diseases than others, the time will not be divided equally between each system.

III. There will be lecture, practical demonstrations of natural remedies, cooking demonstrations and time for questions and answers.

IV. Our “Overcome Disease The Refreshing Way” textbook is included and will serve as the main textbook of refrerence during the course.

The simple, 10 step, preventive and curative lifestyle will be taught using the

acronym, R.E.F.R.E.S.H.I.N.G. It is delineated as follows:

Rely On God

Eat Healthy

Fresh Air



Self Control

H2O (Drink Water)

In The Sun

Never Give Up

Give To Others

The first eight components of the REFRESHING WAY are the what are commonly

known in Biblical wellness as the eight laws of health. The last two are principles of perseverance and charity.

While the physiology of the body will be dealt with in another textbook, listed below are the twelve systems with a spiritual principle attached to each system.

These lessons will be expounded upon in a different course and in our forthcoming Biblical Wellness Textbook Of Physiology. The diseases within the following systems will be covered in this course.


1. The Integumentary System – Skin (Christ governing our emotions)

2. The Skeletal System – (The wonderful principles and laws of God)

3. The Muscular System – (The exercise of Faith)

4. The Nervous System and Senses – (Power through communion with God)

5. The Endocrine System – (Gods loving, intricate control)

6. The Blood – (Justification by Faith)

7. The Immune System and Lymphatics (Sanctification by Faith)

8. The Circulatory System – (Walking With God)

9. The Respiratory System (The Holy Spirit)

10. The Gastrointestinal System (The Word of God)

11. The Urinary System (Balance and Temperance)

12. The Reproductive System (Being Born Again)


How To Schedule A Field School!

We conduct our field schools outside of the wellness retreats that we conduct 8 times a year.  You will need at least 20 students, a venue, and suitable housing for our team which will be at least 2 staff members.  Tuition is $250 per student.  

To schedule a field school, click the “Field School Application” button below.

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