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Times of Refreshing Simplicity of Eden Ministry

Education | Restoration | Conservation



Shelem and Maria at wedding

A Marriage Of Ministries

In May of 2019, Times of Refreshing Ministry merged with Simplicity of Eden Ministry  forming Times Of Refreshing Simplicity Of Eden Ministry (TORSOE), a new ministry that was birthed with the marriage of Shelem and Maria Flemons. We both heard God’s voice bringing us together,  and we have combined our gifts in medical missionary work, administration, pastoral ministry, counseling, accounting, education, construction, plant-based cooking, and organic gardening to do something that has not yet been done.

With all the great efforts of diligent pioneers to help people in this modern era eat and live healthier, God’s original plan is still the best kept secret in health care.  It is our goal to change that by restoration, education, and conservation.

God’s plan is so wonderful it deserves to be recognized as a world-renown health plan available to all are willing to put forth the effort to accept it and receive its blessings.

TORSOE will be able to promote and demonstate this plan more effectively when we secure a property as our headquarters.  Until then, we are moving forward, making the best use of the resources we have on hand to provide restoration, education and conservation.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our method of healing is called Biblical Wellness. It is the health plan of the Bible.  The Garden Of Eden was a place of restoration, education and conservation of the highest order and we strive to reintroduce  and reimplement this quintessential plan with excellence, befitting its wise Creator.

We have over two decades of experience cooperating with God in reversing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, lupus and the plethera of autoimmune diseases using a natrual life-style approach.  We also have years of experience in wellness education and various forms of sustainable living.  Be sure to read our disclaimer in the escape menu section.

Raising the Bar


Our Mission

Our mission is to heal the sick, train and credential medical missionaries, and conserve the natural resources lent to us by God!

Our Vision

Our vision is to acquire a property and establish a world-class wellness campus in order to  heal the sick, train and credential medical missionaries, and conserve the natural resources lent to us by God!

Our Motto

Restoration | Education | Conservation

Our Slogan

Escape To TORSOE


There is a meaningful message in the icon of our logo.


The Bible beneath the apple illustrates that the the foundation of health is in the Word of God.

The apple as our  world sitting on the Bible declares that the Bible contains the solution to our global health problems and pandemics.

As the apple is a food, siting on a Biblical foundation, we declare that the original Times Of Refreshing were experienced by our first parents only as they ate from God’s menu in the Simplicity of Eden, their original home.

Hence, our emphasis on RESTORATION.

The apple on a book has long been a fitting illustration of education.

As that book is the Bible, we understand that God’s word is the greatest medical book known to man.  As the apple is the world, this message of health education will be global.  Occasions of learning will always be Times of Refreshing when  studying the Simplicity of Eden.

Hence, our emphasis on EDUCATION.

The earth as an apple underscores our responsibility to conserve the resources of our planet.

As that world apple sits on the Bible, we declare that the Bible lifestyle is actually good for the planet and would conserve nature’s resources which are fast being depleted.  In these depressing times, we point you to the Times of Refreshing that you will enjoy as you join us in  conserving the Simplicity of Eden in your own lifestyle.

Hence, our emphasis on CONSERVATION.

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